What other services do you offer?

We love design and printing so much that we also provide branded merchandise and website design, just send us a quick mail we’d love to help you out, it’s what we are here for.

Where do you provide printing to?

If you are in Ireland, Scotland, Wales or England we will get it to you. Delivery cost is the same no matter where we send your prints

How do I order my printing?

It simple, you just select the product you require along with the quantity, add to basket and pay online. You will receive a confirmation email from our accounts department informing you that you have paid and that the process has begun.

Will a proof be sent before print?

It most certainly will, we ensure that you are completely satisfied with the final proof before print. Once you are happy just confirm back by email and we’ll get cracking on the production side.

What type of paper should I use for my print?

That all depends on what your prints are to be used for. Best to send us a mail outlining your requirements just contact design@clickprinting.ie

Are crop marks needed?

They sure are, otherwise we don’t have a guide to trim down your prints.

How do I create outlines?

Outlines only apply to text. This process is only required for lithographic printing but it is best practice to do it for digital prints too. To outline your text simply select all right click and click outline, hey presto it’s done.

What type of images do I need?

Best to have large sized images for professional printing. It would not be recommended to use images from the web, the most frequent found online are gif., png., or jpeg. Most online images are only about 72dpi, this is nowhere near what is required to having your prints looking professional. Personally we would advise purchasing images from an online image bank. like www.shutterstock.com, that’s if you don’t have images yourself.

Bleeds – what is it?

Bleed is the overprint on a page which is cut off when we trim your final print. For instance an A5 page is 148.5mm x 210mm, when saving artwork we recommend you add 3mm all round for the bleed which is cut off and stops any whit appearing along the edge of the print.

What is CMYK?

CMYK is a four colour process Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black which is used for lithographic and digital printing. It is important to note that screens can show either CMYK or RGB, ensure yours is set to CMYK otherwise it will look different on screen than what will be printed.

What is the quickest way to get my job done?

If you are sending on your artwork to us just ensure that it is saved as a pdf with crop marks, bleeds and images embedded. 90% of prints when approved for print will take 5 working days. However if you require your print fast just contact our sales team at sales@clickprinting.ie.

How long is the turnaround time?

Depending on your design requirement most projects take 3 working days with 5 day turnaround on print. Design time for booklets, magazines, catalogues and the likes will take around 5 working days.

My information is written out can you type it up?

We can certainly look after a written copy of you information for print, just be aware that this service is charged by the hour.

High resolution PDF, what are they?

Every see a print or design where the logo, images and text is blurry or pixelate, that is because it is saved as a low quality. That is why we only take files that are saved at 300dpi in a pdf format that is cropped and has a 3mm bleed all around, all text has to be outlined.

Can a design be provided?

You certainly can provide your own design, just ensure that your artwork is in a digital format that is provided as a high resolution pdf. We can only accept this format in order to produce the highest quality print.

What is the best format to send a design?

Best sending your artwork in the PDF, with crop marks and bleeds. Our team will be so happy to receive it.

What is the big deal about design?

Well simply put it is what sells or informs your clients or customers about your new product, services or upcoming event.  So in order to captivate the minds of those who see your message you are going to need a design that will burst off the page and will get them intrigued.  It’s a big deal, we know, so let us take the stress and hassel out of designing your artwork! Be sure that what you print will have the impact that you want. As design professionals  we can produce your Business Stationery, Brochures, Folders, Booklets, Leaflets, Posters to a very high standard. You can also choose to have a graphic design do your design and simply forward on the finalised design onto us.

Just a little tip, great design works and sales, bad design can have a negative effect  on your business. It is important to remember people will judge a business or company based on their look of a design and feel of the final print. If you need help just give us a shout.