Swingmaster Pavement Sign

Looking for something that is sturdy and can withstand the elements, impacting and a uninterrupted  display. The swingmaster pavement sign is one of our best seller forecourt / pavement signs. Available in two sizes A1 and ever impacting A0. Posters are also available to order, we recommend printing your posters on PVC which gives durability and weather resistant.

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Swingmaster Pavement Sign

Our top seller forecourt/pavement sign the swingmaster pavement sign, check out some of the features this sign offers;

  • Double sided outdoor forecourt/pavement sign, available in two sizes, A0 and A1
  • Steel reinforced rounded corners
  • Posters are secured by 32mm aluminium snap frame profile
  • Protective pads stop damage to underside of base
  • Quick and easy assembly, no tools required
  • Wheels in base allow unit to be manoeuvred into position
  • Water fillable base gives great stability even in adverse weather conditions
  • Base capacity; A1 – 26 litres and A0 – 50 litres
  • Base can be filled with water or sand to add extra stability
  • Graphics can be purchase separately
  • 2 year warranty applies

When ordering your Swingmaster Pavement Sign you will have the option of selecting your posters, we recommend printing your posters on pvc as they will be more durable and weather resistant.

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